Research and Development

Narrative, Reflection and Wisdom

Cognitive Narratology

Stories of Wisdom to Live by: Developing Wisdom in a Narrative Mode by Michel Ferrari, Nic M. Weststrate and Anda Petro, The Science of Stories: An Introduction to Narrative Psychology by János László, Narratology as a Cognitive Science by David Herman, Narrative Theory and the Cognitive Sciences by David Herman, The Cognitive Turn in Narratology by Elrud Ibsch, The Science of Storytelling: Perspectives from Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, and the Humanities by Frederick L. Aldama, The Neuropsychology of Narrative: Story Comprehension, Story Production and Their Interrelation by Raymond A. Mar, The Neurology of Narrative by Kay Young and Jeffrey L. Saver, Literature and the Brain by Norman N. Holland, Literary Brains: Neuroscience, Criticism, and Theory by Patrick C. Hogan, Such Stuff as Dreams: The Psychology of Fiction by Keith Oatley, Conscious and Unconscious Processes in Readers' Narrative Experiences by Richard J. Gerrig, The Cognitive Science of Fiction by Keith Oatley, Narrative Theory and / or / as Theory of Interpretation by Tom Kindt and Hans-Harald Müller, Narrative Research: Reading, Analysis, and Interpretation by Amia Lieblich, Interpretation and Narrative Understanding by Louis O. Mink, Aspects of Literary Comprehension: A Cognitive Approach by Rolf A. Zwaan, Cognitive Processes in Reading Literary Texts: The Influence of Context, Goals and Situations by Dietrich Meutsch and Reading Imaginatively: The Imagination in Cognitive Science and Cognitive Literary Studies by Emily T. Troscianko.

Autobiographical Memory

Autobiographical Memory edited by David C. Rubin, What is Autobiographical Memory? by Alan Baddeley, Theoretical Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory edited by Martin A. Conway, David C. Rubin, Hans Spinnler and Willem A. Wagenaar, New Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory: The Integration of Narrative Processing and Autobiographical Reasoning by Jefferson A. Singer and Susan Bluck and Wisdom and Memory: Autobiographical Memories as the Foundation for the Recall of Wisdom Incidents by Shih-ying Yang.


Narrative Factuality: A Handbook edited by Monika Fludernik and Marie-Laure Ryan, Fictional Narrative, Factual Narrative by Gérard Genette, Nitsa Ben-Ari and Brian McHale, Truth, Fiction, and Literature: A Philosophical Perspective by Peter Lamarque and Stein H. Olsen and Literature and Truth by Peter Lamarque.


Literature and Thought Experiments by David Egan, Thought Experiments and Fictional Narratives by David Davies, Fiction as Thought Experiment by Catherine Z. Elgin, Thought Experiments, Hypotheses, and Cognitive Dimension of Literary Fiction by Iris Vidmar, Imagination and Epistemology by Jonathan Ichikawa and Imagination and Insight: A New Account of the Content of Thought Experiments by Letitia Meynell.

Reflective Learning

Reflective Learning: Theory and Practice by Deborah A. Sugerman, Kathryn L. Doherty and Daniel E. Garvey, Reflection: Turning Experience into Learning by David Boud, Rosemary Keogh and David Walker, Processing the Experience: Strategies to Enhance and Generalize Learning by John L. Luckner and Reldan S. Nadler and Narrative and Reflective Practice: Recording and Understanding Experience by Philip Chambers.


The Cambridge Handbook of Wisdom edited by Robert J. Sternberg and Judith Glück, The Scientific Study of Personal Wisdom: From Contemplative Traditions to Neuroscience edited by Michel Ferrari and Nic M. Weststrate and Stories of Wisdom to Live by: Developing Wisdom in a Narrative Mode by Michel Ferrari, Nic M. Weststrate and Anda Petro.

Artificial Intelligence

Computational Memory Architectures for Autobiographic and Narrative Virtual Agents by Wan C. Ho, A Study of Episodic Memory-based Learning and Narrative Structure for Autobiographic Agents by Wan C. Ho, Kerstin Dautenhahn and Chrystopher L. Nehaniv, Autobiographic Knowledge for Believable Virtual Characters by Wan C. Ho and Scott Watson, Modeling Autobiographical Memory for Believable Agents by Andrew Kope, Caroline Rose and Michael Katchabaw, Modeling Autobiographical Memory in Human-like Autonomous Agents by Di Wang, Ah-Hwee Tan and Chunyan Miao, Extending Cognitive Architecture with Episodic Memory by Andrew M. Nuxoll and John E. Laird, The Design of Procedural, Semantic, and Episodic Memory Systems for a Cognitive Robot by Will Dodd, Extending Cognitive Architectures with Mental Imagery by Scott D. Lathrop and John E. Laird, Imagery in Cognitive Architecture: Representation and Control at Multiple Levels of Abstraction by Samuel B. Wintermute, Abstraction, Imagery, and Control in Cognitive Architecture by Samuel B. Wintermute, Extending Cognitive Architectures with Spatial and Visual Imagery Mechanisms by Scott D. Lathrop, Exploring the Functional Advantages of Spatial and Visual Cognition from an Architectural Perspective by Scott D. Lathrop, Samuel B. Wintermute and John E. Laird, Multimodal Representations as Basis for Cognitive Architecture by Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran, A Cognitive Architecture that Combines Internal Simulation with a Global Workspace by Murray Shanahan, From Episodic Memory to Narrative in a Cognitive Architecture by Tory Anderson, Towards Narrative-based Knowledge Representation in Cognitive Systems by Nicolas Szilas, An Architecture of Narrative Memory by Carlos León, Toward a Situation Model in a Cognitive Architecture by Stuart M. Rodgers, Christopher W. Myers, Jerry Ball and Mary D. Freiman, Modeling Meta-cognition in a Cognitive Architecture by Ron Sun, Xi Zhang and Robert Mathews, Learning from Stories: Using Natural Communication to Train Believable Agents by Brent Harrison, Siddhartha Banerjee and Mark O. Riedl and Towards Learning from Stories: An Approach to Interactive Machine Learning by Brent Harrison and Mark O. Riedl.