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Category: Education

Multitask Learning

Introduction Clustering and Compositionality of Task Representations in a Neural Network Trained to Perform Many Cognitive Tasks by Guangyu R. Yang, H. Francis Song, William T. Newsome and Xiao-Jing Wang, Task Representations in Neural Networks Trained to Perform Many Cognitive Tasks by Guangyu R. Yang, Madhura R. Joglekar, H. Francis Song, William T. Newsome and […]

Advancing Design and Engineering with Adaptive Instructional Systems

Adaptive Instructional Systems Adaptive instructional systems, e.g., intelligent tutoring systems, can select and sequence design and engineering exercises for students. While so doing, these AI systems could measure and model students with respect to their proficiencies and adaptive expertise. To achieve these objectives, adaptive instructional systems could receive and process real-time screencasts, streams of video […]

Computer-automated Design and Engineering

Introduction Intelligent Computer Systems in Engineering Design: Principles and Applications by Staffan Sunnersjö, How to Successfully Implement Automated Engineering Design Systems: Reviewing Four Case Studies by Joel Johansson and Fredrik Elgh, Intelligent Computer-aided Design Systems: Past 20 Years and Future 20 Years by Tetsuo Tomiyama, Computer-based Design Synthesis Research: An Overview by Amaresh Chakrabarti, Kristina […]

Imagination and Learning

Transfer of Learning Transfer of Learning: Contemporary Research and Applications edited by Stephen M. Cormier and Joseph D. Hagman, The Cognitive Basis of Knowledge Transfer by Mary L. Gick and Keith J. Holyoak, Transfer of Learning: Cognition and Instruction by Robert E. Haskell, Theories of the Transfer of Learning by James M. Royer, Mechanisms of […]

Developmental Narratology

Introduction Developing Narrative Structure edited by Allyssa McCabe and Carole Peterson, Event Representations, Narrative Development and Internal Working Models by Katherine Nelson, Coherence, Cohesion, and Context: Some Comparative Perspectives in Narrative Development by Maya Hickmann, Narrative Development: Six Approaches by Michael G. Bamberg, How Children Understand Stories: A Developmental Analysis by Nancy L. Stein, Transformation […]

Advancing Character Education with Interactive Storytelling and Adaptive Instructional Systems

Introduction Interactive stories can be utilized as classroom and homework exercises and activities for character education programs. Types of interactive stories include: guided play, role-playing games, the case method, decision games, simulations, literature and literary discussions, story-based items, digital gamebooks, interactive films, and serious games. The latter four types of interactive stories (story-based items, digital […]

Automated Planning and Dialogue Systems

Automated Planning Automated Planning: Theory and Practice by Malik Ghallab, Dana Nau and Paolo Traverso, Computational Models of Planning by Hector Geffner, Heuristic Search: Theory and Applications by Stefan Edelkamp and Stefan Schrödl, Implementing Fast Heuristic Search Code by Ethan A. Burns, Matthew Hatem, Michael J. Leighton and Wheeler Ruml, Accelerating Heuristic Search for AI […]

Machine Teaching

Introduction Machine Teaching: An Inverse Problem to Machine Learning and an Approach toward Optimal Education by Xiaojin Zhu, Machine Teaching: A New Paradigm for Building Machine Learning Systems by Patrice Y. Simard, Saleema Amershi, David M. Chickering, Alicia Edelman Pelton, Soroush Ghorashi, Christopher Meek, Gonzalo Ramos, Jina Suh, Johan Verwey, Mo Wang and John Wernsing, […]

Psychometric Artificial Intelligence

Natural Intelligence Handbook of Intelligence edited by Robert J. Sternberg, The Cambridge Handbook of Intelligence edited by Robert J. Sternberg and Scott Barry Kaufman, The Neuroscience of Intelligence by Richard J. Haier, Intelligence and Cognitive Abilities as Competencies in Development by Damian P. Birney and Robert J. Sternberg and A Computational Analysis of General Intelligence […]

Artificial Wisdom

Introduction Wisdom: Its Nature, Origins, and Development edited by Robert J. Sternberg, People Nominated as Wise: A Comparative Study of Wisdom-related Knowledge by Paul B. Baltes, Ursula M. Staudinger, Andreas Maercker and Jacqui Smith, Defining and Assessing Wisdom: A Review of the Literature by Katherine J. Bangen, Thomas W. Meeks and Dilip V. Jeste, What […]