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Adaptive Instructional Systems and Attention Training explores how adaptive instructional systems can contribute to strengthening learners’ attention spans and concentration.

Adaptive Instructional Systems and Recreational Mathematics explores how adaptive instructional systems can schedule and intersperse fun and enjoyable recreational mathematics puzzles and games for learners of all ages.

Alignment and Legal Information Retrieval addresses the challenge of ensuring that all applicable rules, laws, and regulations are loaded into artificial-intelligence agents' working memories as they encounter wide, potentially open-ended, sets of situations.

Agents with Internal States considers hybrid artificial-intelligence architectures which leverage both large language models and other rule-based systems or ancillary models to manage agents' internal states.

Multi-agent Question-answering Systems broaches that agents representing ideological stances, positions, perspectives, or schools of thought could serve in multi-agent systems which can generate encyclopedic answers to end-users' complex questions.

Role-playing Language Agents describes unfolding research into obtaining character profiles from works of fiction and evaluating their behavior and decision-making capabilities.

The Recommendation of Advice and Wisdom proposes a new multidisciplinary challenge to design and build artificial-intelligence systems capable of contextually recommending advice and wisdom.

Adaptive Instructional Systems, Interactive Storytelling, and Character Education responds to calls for more rigorous approaches for character education programs and their evaluation.


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