Research and Development

Computer-aided and Automated Educational Counseling, Career Counseling and Human Resource Planning and Management

School Counseling

Introduction to School Counseling by Robert J. Wright, Handbook of School Counseling by Hardin L. K. Coleman and Christine Yeh, Introduction to Professional School Counseling: Advocacy, Leadership, and Intervention by Jered B. Kolbert, Rhonda L. Williams, Leann M. Morgan, Laura M. Crothers and Tammy L. Hughes, Counseling in Schools: Essential Services and Comprehensive Programs by John J. Schmidt and Developmental Guidance and Counseling: A Practical Approach by Robert D. Myrick.

Career Counseling

International Handbook of Career Guidance edited by James A. Athanasou and Raoul Van Esbroeck, Career Choice and Development edited by Duane Brown, Career Development and Services: A Cognitive Approach by Gary W. Peterson, James P. Sampson and Robert C. Reardon, Career Counseling: A Holistic Approach by Vernon Zunker, Career Guidance and Counseling through the Life Span: Systematic Approaches by Edwin L. Herr and Stanley H. Cramer and Career Development: A Life-span Developmental Approach by Fred W. Vondracek, Richard M. Lerner and John E. Schulenberg.


A Survey of Assessment and Evaluation Activities of School Counselors by Ruth B. Ekstrom, Patricia B. Elmore, William D. Schafer, Thomas V. Trotter and Barbara Webster, School Counselors and Student Assessment by Joan H. Blacher, Mildred Murray-Ward and Gail E. Uellendahl, Assessment in Career Guidance: Toward Truly Developmental Counseling by Donald E. Super, Using Qualitative Assessment in Career Counselling by Mary Mcmahon and Wendy Patton and Career Assessment: Changes and Trends by Judy M. Chartrand and W. Bruce Walsh.

Decision Support

Models of Career Decision Making by Duane Brown, A Model of Guidance for Career Decision‐making by Martin R. Katz, Vocational Decision-making Models: A Review and Comparative Analysis by David A. Jepsen and Josiah S. Dilley, Decision-making Models and Career Guidance by Itamar Gati and Shiri Tal, Occupational Classification and Sources of Occupational Information by Paul A. Gore and Jorie L. Hitch and Making Better Career Decisions by Itamar Gati and Nimrod Levin.

Computer-assisted Career Guidance Systems

Computer‐assisted Career Counseling: Dilemmas, Problems, and Possible Solutions by Itamar Gati, Computer-assisted Career Counseling: Challenges and Prospects by Itamar Gati, Computer-assisted Testing and the Goals of Counseling Psychology by James P. Sampson, Computer-assisted Career Decision Making: The Guide in the Machine by Martin R. Katz, The Effect of Using a Computer Assisted Career Guidance System on Career Development Attitudes, Knowledge, and Behaviors in Students by Brian A. Seeger, Implementing Computer Assisted Career Guidance and Other Computer Applications for the Adult Learner by James P. Sampson and A Differential Feature-cost Analysis of Nine Computer-assisted Career Guidance Systems by James P. Sampson, Robert C. Reardon, Janet K. Humphreys, Gary W. Peterson, Michael A. Evans and Dorothy Domkowski.

Human Resource Management Systems

Developing Expert Systems for Human Resource Planning and Management by Pai-Cheng Chu, Applications of Expert Systems in Human Resource Management by Paul S. Greenlaw and William R. Valonis, A Conceptual Review of Human Resource Management Systems in Strategic Human Resource Management Research by David P. Lepak, Hui Liao, Yunhyung Chung and Erika E. Harden, Intelligent Techniques for Decision Support System in Human Resource Management by Hamidah Jantan, Abdul R. Hamdan and Zulaiha A. Othman and Decision Support System for Human Resource Management of the Organization by Deepika K. Chack.


The Origins and Development of Labor Economics by Paul J. McNulty, Labor Economics by George J. Borjas and Jan C. Van Ours and Modern Labor Economics: Theory and Public Policy by Ronald G. Ehrenberg and Robert S. Smith.

Public Policy

Comprehensive School Counseling Programs: A Review for Policymakers and Practitioners by L. DiAnne Borders and Sandra M. Drury, Career Development and Public Policy by Anthony G. Watts and The Future of Career Counseling as an Instrument of Public Policy by Edwin L. Herr.