Research and Development

Category: Educational Psychology

Machines Teaching Machines to Solve IQ Test Items

  1. Introduction
  2. Psychometric Artificial Intelligence
  3. Machine Teaching
  4. Item Generation and Evaluation
  5. The Assessment and Development of Cognition
  6. Conclusion

Psychometric Artificial Intelligence

  1. Natural Intelligence
  2. Artificial Intelligence

Observational Learning

  1. Introduction
  2. Programming by Demonstration
  3. Interactive Task Learning
  4. Reinforcement Learning
  5. Multi-agent Systems

The Modeling of Exercises and Activities

  1. Introduction
  2. Repositories of Exercises and Activities
  3. Automatic Generation of Exercises and Activities
  4. Learning Objects and Digital Textbooks
  5. Training Data for Artificial Intelligence Systems

Planning and Generating Sequences of Exercises for the Assessment and Development of Cognition

  1. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Educational Neuroscience and Cognitive Modeling
  2. Automatic Exercise Generation and Sequencing
  3. Exercise Variety and Student Engagement
  4. Affect and Student Engagement
  5. Cognitive Load
  6. Multitasking and Task Switching
  7. Transfer of Learning
  8. Preparing Conceptual and Procedural Knowledge and Proficiency in Advance

Computer-aided and Automated Educational Counseling, Career Counseling and Human Resource Planning and Management

  1. School Counseling
  2. Career Counseling
  3. Assessment
  4. Decision Support
  5. Computer-assisted Career Guidance Systems
  6. Human Resource Management Systems
  7. Economics
  8. Public Policy

Modeling Users and Comprehension to Enhance Natural Language and Narrative Generation

  1. Genericity and Specificity
  2. User Modeling
  3. Player Modeling
  4. Student Modeling
  5. Cognitive Modeling
  6. Reading Comprehension
  7. Narrative Comprehension
  8. Situation Models
  9. Attention and Focus
  10. Inference
  11. Social Cognition
  12. Affect and Emotion
  13. Cognitive Load
  14. Readability
  15. Flow
  16. Natural Language Generation
  17. Narrative Generation

Interactive Narrative and Identity

  1. Psychology of Identity
  2. Sociology of Identity
  3. Narrative Identity
  4. Narrative Inquiry
  5. Identity-based Motivation
  6. Moral Identity
  7. Future and Possible Selves
  8. Decision-making
  9. Identification and Transportation
  10. Play
  11. Experiential Learning

Education and the Cognitive Science of Writing

  1. Teaching Writing and Narrative
  2. The Psychology of Writing
  3. The Development of Writing, Creative and Group Creative Processes

The Psychology of Friendships and Peer Relationships

  1. The Development of Friendships and Peer Relationships