Research and Development

Biographical Narrative and Prediction


Using Sequences of Life-events to Predict Human Lives by Germans Savcisens, Tina Eliassi-Rad, Lars K. Hansen, Laust H. Mortensen, Lau Lilleholt, Anna Rogers, Ingo Zettler and Sune Lehmann and Commonsense Causal Reasoning Using Millions of Personal Stories by Andrew Gordon, Cosmin Bejan and Kenji Sagae.

Health Sciences

Mining Electronic Health Records (EHRs): A Survey by Pranjul Yadav, Michael Steinbach, Vipin Kumar and Gyorgy Simon and BEHRT: Transformer for Electronic Health Records by Yikuan Li, Shishir Rao, Jose R. A. Solares, Abdelaali Hassaine, Rema Ramakrishnan, Dexter Canoy, Yajie Zhu, Kazem Rahimi and Gholamreza Salimi-Khorshidi.


Measuring Quality of Life: Economic, Social, and Subjective Indicators by Ed Diener and Eunkook Suh, Measuring Well-being: A Review of Instruments by Philip J. Cooke, Timothy P. Melchert and Korey Connor, Measuring Happiness: Examining Definitions and Instruments by Abubakarr Jalloh and Measuring Happiness: The Economics of Well-being by Joachim Weimann, Andreas Knabe and Ronnie Schob.


Predictive Models for Career Progression by Zakaria Soliman, Learning Transferrable Representations of Career Trajectories for Economic Prediction by Keyon Vafa, Emil Palikot, Tianyu Du, Ayush Kanodia, Susan Athey and David M. Blei, Successfully Predicting Career Success: An Application of the Biographical Inventory by Auralee Childs and Richard J. Klimoski and Stories of Life in the Workplace: An Open Architecture for Organizational Narratology by Larry Browning and George H. Morris.


Predicting Academic Performance by Paul Golding and Opal Donaldson, Prediction of Students Performance Using Educational Data Mining by Tismy Devasia, T. P. Vinushree and Vinayak Hegde and Academic Performance and Behavioral Patterns by Valentin Kassarnig, Enys Mones, Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen, Piotr Sapiezynski, David D. Lassen and Sune Lehmann.

Cognitive Modeling

Learner Modeling in Adaptive Educational Systems: A Comparative Study by Mouenis A. Tadlaoui, Souhaib Aammou, Mohamed Khaldi and Rommel N. Carvalho, Bayesian Knowledge Tracing, Logistic Models, and Beyond: An Overview of Learner Modeling Techniques by Radek Pelánek and Lifelong Learner Modeling by Judy Kay and Bob Kummerfeld.


The Power of Personality: The Comparative Validity of Personality Traits, Socioeconomic Status, and Cognitive Ability for Predicting Important Life Outcomes by Brent W. Roberts, Nathan R. Kuncel, Rebecca Shiner, Avshalom Caspi and Lewis R. Goldberg, Personality and the Prediction of Consequential Outcomes by Daniel J. Ozer and Veronica Benet-Martinez, Leveraging a More Nuanced View of Personality: Narrow Characteristics Predict and Explain Variance in Life Outcomes by René Mõttus, Timothy C. Bates, David M. Condon, Daniel K. Mroczek and William R. Revelle, The Finer Details? The Predictability of Life Outcomes from Big Five Domains, Facets, and Nuances by David S. Ross, René Mõttus, Anne Seeboth, Christopher J. Soto and Wendy Johnson, Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification by Christopher Peterson and Martin E. P. Seligman, Social Comprehension and Judgment: The Role of Situation Models, Narratives, and Implicit Theories by Robert S. Wyer, Social Cognition, Inference, and Attribution by Robert S. Wyer and Donal E. Carlston, Events, Inferences, and Impression Formation by Donal E. Carlston and Moral Character in Person Perception by Geoffrey P. Goodwin.


Multiagent Systems: Algorithmic, Game-theoretic, and Logical Foundations by Yoav Shoham and Kevin Leyton-Brown, Cognition and Multi-agent Interaction: From Cognitive Modeling to Social Simulation edited by Ron Sun, Multilevel Modeling of Educational Data edited by Ann A. O'Connell and D. Betsy McCoach, Prediction and Explanation in Social Systems by Jake M. Hofman, Amit Sharma and Duncan J. Watts, Social Prediction: A New Research Paradigm based on Machine Learning by Yunsong Chen, Xiaogang Wu, Anning Hu, Guangye He and Guodong Ju, Causal and Predictive Modeling in Computational Social Science by Uwe Engel, The History of Agent-based Modeling in the Social Sciences by Carl O. Retzlaff, Martina Ziefle and André C. Valdez, Using Agent-based Models for Prediction in Complex and Wicked Systems by J. Gareth Polhill, Matthew Hare, Tom Bauermann, David Anzola, Erika Palmer, Doug Salt and Patrycja Antosz, AgentFormer: Agent-aware Transformers for Socio-temporal Multi-agent Forecasting by Ye Yuan, Xinshuo Weng, Yanglan Ou and Kris M. Kitani, What Kind of Prediction? Evaluating Different Facets of Prediction in Agent-based Social Simulation by David Anzola and César García-Díaz, Online Multi-agent Forecasting with Interpretable Collaborative Graph Neural Networks by Maosen Li, Siheng Chen, Yanning Shen, Genjia Liu, Ivor W. Tsang and Ya Zhang, Techniques for Analysis and Calibration of Multi-agent Simulations by Manuel Fehler, Franziska Klügl and Frank Puppe and Validating and Calibrating Agent-based Models: A Case Study by Carlo Bianchi, Pasquale Cirillo, Mauro Gallegati and Pietro A. Vagliasindi.

Game Theory

Prediction, Learning, and Games by Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi and Gábor Lugosi, Multiagent Systems: Algorithmic, Game-theoretic, and Logical Foundations by Yoav Shoham and Kevin Leyton-Brown and Predicting How People Play Games: Reinforcement Learning in Experimental Games with Unique, Mixed Strategy Equilibria by Ido Erev and Alvin E. Roth.

Decision Theory

Predicting Human Decisions with Behavioral Theories and Machine Learning by Ori Plonsky, Reut Apel, Eyal Ert, Moshe Tennenholtz, David D. Bourgin, Joshua C. Peterson, Daniel Reichman, Thomas L. Griffiths, Stuart J. Russell, Evan C. Carter, James F. Cavanagh and Idoa Erev, Combining Psychological Models with Machine Learning to Better Predict People’s Decisions by Avi Rosenfeld, Inon Zuckerman, Amos Azaria and Sarit Kraus, A Personalized Computational Model for Human-like Automated Decision-making by Longsheng Jiang and Yue Wang, Behavior-based Machine-learning: A Hybrid Approach for Predicting Human Decision Making by Gali Noti, Effi Levi, Yoav Kolumbus and Amit Daniely, Predicting Human Decision-making: From Prediction to Action by Ariel Rosenfeld and Sarit Kraus and Cognitive Model Priors for Predicting Human Decisions by David D. Bourgin, Joshua C. Peterson, Daniel Reichman, Stuart J. Russell and Thomas L. Griffiths.


Story Comprehension for Predicting What Happens Next by Snigdha Chaturvedi, Haoruo Peng and Dan Roth, Cognitive Structures in Comprehension and Memory of Narrative Discourse by Perry W. Thorndyke, Event Causality is Key to Computational Story Understanding by Yidan Sun, Qin Chao and Boyang Li, Causal BERT: Language Models for Causality Detection between Events Expressed in Text by Vivek Khetan, Roshni Ramnani, Mayuresh Anand, Shubhashis Sengupta and Andrew E. Fano, Learning to Predict Explainable Plots for Neural Story Generation by Gang Chen, Yang Liu, Huanbo Luan, Meng Zhang, Qun Liu and Maosong Sun, Plot Units and Narrative Summarization by Wendy G. Lehnert, Coherent Narrative Summarization with a Cognitive Model by Renxian Zhang, Wenjie Li, Naishi Liu and Dehong Gao and Abstraction in Storytelling by Stephen Pihlaja.

Character Education

An Historical Analysis of Character Education by Michael Watz, Survey of Outcomes Measurement in Research on Character Education Programs by Ann E. Person, Emily Moiduddin, Megan Hague-Angus and Lizabeth M. Malone, Measuring Behavioral Outcomes Associated with Comprehensive Character Education Programs by Carol K. Holtzapple, Implementing and Assessing Evidence-based Character Education by Marvin W. Berkowitz and What Works in Character Education: A Research-driven Guide for Educators by Marvin W. Berkowitz and Melinda C. Bier.

Educational Counseling

Introduction to School Counseling by Robert J. Wright, Handbook of School Counseling by Hardin L. K. Coleman and Christine Yeh, Introduction to Professional School Counseling: Advocacy, Leadership, and Intervention by Jered B. Kolbert, Rhonda L. Williams, Leann M. Morgan, Laura M. Crothers and Tammy L. Hughes, Counseling in Schools: Essential Services and Comprehensive Programs by John J. Schmidt and Developmental Guidance and Counseling: A Practical Approach by Robert D. Myrick.

Career Counseling

International Handbook of Career Guidance edited by James A. Athanasou and Raoul Van Esbroeck, Career Choice and Development edited by Duane Brown, Career Development and Services: A Cognitive Approach by Gary W. Peterson, James P. Sampson and Robert C. Reardon, Career Counseling: A Holistic Approach by Vernon Zunker, Career Guidance and Counseling through the Life Span: Systematic Approaches by Edwin L. Herr and Stanley H. Cramer and Career Development: A Life-span Developmental Approach by Fred W. Vondracek, Richard M. Lerner and John E. Schulenberg.