Research and Development

Category: Sociology

Simulation and Machine Ethics

  1. Mental Simulation and Imagination
  2. Social Cognition and Theory of Mind
  3. Affective Computing
  4. Social Simulation and Interactive Narrative
  5. Machine Ethics

Collective Intelligence

  1. Emergence and Synergy
  2. Swarm Intelligence
  3. Collective Animal Behavior
  4. Collective Intelligence
  5. Distributed Cognition
  6. Group Cognition
  7. Group Creativity
  8. Team Cognition
  9. Organizational Learning
  10. Organizational Intelligence
  11. Multi-agent Systems and Distributed Artificial Intelligence


  1. Comprehension
  2. Schemata
  3. Framing
  4. Rhetoric, Discourse and Argumentation
  5. Social Constructionism
  6. Social Semiotics
  7. Socionarratology
  8. Sensemaking
  9. Situation Awareness

The Psychology of Friendships and Peer Relationships

  1. The Development of Friendships and Peer Relationships

Experiential Learning and Group Dynamics

  1. Team Building and Experiential Learning

Play, Role-playing Games, Improvisational Theatre and Interactive Digital Entertainment

  1. Play and Collaborative Play
  2. Interactive Narrative Play
  3. Role-playing Games
  4. Narrative, Interactivity, Improvisation and Emergent Narrative
  5. Presence, Social Presence and Dramatic Presence
  6. Improvisational Digital Characters
  7. Group Dynamics and Improvisational Theatre

Interactive Digital Entertainment and Group Dynamics

  1. Group Dynamics and Cohesion
  2. Team Cohesion and Sport
  3. Military Group Cohesion
  4. Games and Team Training
  5. The Measurement of Group, Social and Task Cohesion
  6. The Measurement of User Experiences
  7. Interactive Digital Entertainment and Social Cohesion

Play and Education

  1. Evolution and Development
  2. Symbolic Reasoning
  3. Socialization and Language
  4. Developmental Pragmatics
  5. Mimesis and Narrative
  6. Education