Research and Development

Computational Memetic Analysis


The Meme Machine by Susan J. Blackmore, Understanding the Emergence of Conventions in Multi-agent Systems by Adam Walker and Michael J. Wooldridge and On Selfish Memes: Culture as Complex Adaptive System by Hokky Situngkir.


The Metaphorical Structure of the Human Conceptual System by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, Mental Representation, Conceptual Spaces and Metaphors by Peter Gärdenfors and A Survey on Computational Metaphor Processing by Sunny Rai and Shampa Chakraverty.


Frame Analysis: An Essay on the Organization of Experience by Erving Goffman, A Survey of Computational Framing Analysis Approaches by Mohammad Ali and Naeemul Hassan and What Deep Learning Could Bring to Frame Analysis by Yikai Zhao.


Learning a Better Motif Index: Toward Automated Motif Extraction by W. Victor H. Yarlott and Mark A. Finlayson.


Computational Support for Trope Analysis of Textual Narratives by Mandar S. Chaudhary and Arnav Jhala.


Man and His Symbols by Carl G. Jung.


The Structure of Style: Algorithmic Approaches to Understanding Manner and Meaning edited by Shlomo Argamon, Kevin Burns and Shlomo Dubnov and Interacting with Literary Style through Computational Tools by Sarah Sterman, Evey Huang, Vivian Liu and Eric Paulos.


The Handbook of Historical Sociolinguistics edited by Juan M. Hernández-Campoy and Juan C. Conde-Silvestre and Diffusion: The Problem of Tracking Ideas by Jean M. Gawron.