Research and Development

Interactive Narrative and Motivation


A Theory of Human Motivation by Abraham H. Maslow, Human Motivation by David C. McClelland, Human Motivation: Metaphors, Theories, and Research by Bernard Weiner, Models of Motivation by Frederick Toates, Human Motivation and Social Cooperation: Experimental and Analytical Foundations by Ernst Fehr and Herbert Gintis, Interpersonal Processes: The Interplay of Cognitive, Motivational, and Behavioral Activities in Social Interaction by Mark Snyder and Arthur A. Stukas, Human Ethology by Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeldt, Ethological and Psychological Models of Motivation: Towards a Synthesis by Toates Frederick and Per Jensen, Motivation, Intention and Emotion: Goal-directed Behavior from a Cognitive-neuro-ethological Perspective by Charles R. Gallistel, Motivation and Personality by Abraham H. Maslow, Robert Frager and Ruth Cox, Motivation and Personality: Handbook of Thematic Content Analysis edited by Charles P. Smith, Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind by David M. Buss, Evolutionary Developmental Psychology by David C. Geary and David F. Bjorklund and The Origins of Human Nature: Evolutionary Developmental Psychology by David F. Bjorklund and Anthony D. Pellegrini.


Motives in Fantasy, Action, and Society: A Method of Assessment and Study by John W. Atkinson, Daydreaming and Fantasizing: Thought Flow and Motivation by Eric Klinger, Motivations for Play in Online Games by Nick Yee, Playing Video Games: Motives, Responses, and Consequences edited by Peter Vorderer and Jennings Bryant, A Motivational Model of Video Game Engagement by Andrew K. Przybylski, C. Scott Rigby and Richard M. Ryan, Explorations in Player Motivations: Game Mechanics by Barbaros Bostan, Ugur Kaplancali, Kayisdagi Cad and Agustos Yerlesimi, The Motivational Pull of Video Games: A Self-determination Theory Approach by Richard M. Ryan, C. Scott Rigby and Andrew Przybylski, Children's Motivations for Video Game Play in the Context of Normal Development by Cheryl K. Olson, Personality, Motivation and Video Games by Daniel Johnson and John Gardner, A Socio-cognitive Model of Video Game Usage by Doohwang Lee and Robert LaRose, Storytelling and Motivation in Serious Games by Matthias M. Bopp, Effectance, Self-Efficacy, and the Motivation to Play Video Games by Christoph Klimmt and Tilo Hartmann, The Motivational Appeal of Interactive Storytelling: Towards a Dimensional Model of the User Experience by Christian Roth, Peter Vorderer and Christoph Klimmt, Evaluating the User Experience of Interactive Digital Narrative by Christian Roth and Hartmut Koenitz and The Player Engagement Process - An Exploration of Continuation Desire in Digital Games by Henrik S. Fog.

Digital Characters

A Motivation Model for Virtual Characters by Zhen Liu and Yu-Sheng Lu, A Motivational Model of Action Selection for Virtual Humans by Etienne de Sevin and Daniel Thalmann, The Complexity of Testing a Motivational Model of Action Selection for Virtual Humans by Etienne de Sevin and Daniel Thalmann, Modeling Motivations and Emotions as a Basis for Intelligent Behavior by Dolores Cañamero, Motivation Driven Learning for Interactive Synthetic Characters by Song-Yee Yoon, Bruce M. Blumberg and Gerald E. Schneider, An Ethological and Emotional Basis for Human–robot Interaction by Ronald C. Arkin, Masahiro Fujita, Tsuyoshi Takagi and Rika Hasegawa, Relation between Motivations and Personality Traits for Autonomous Virtual Humans by Etienne de Sevin, Personal Causation: The Internal Affective Determinants of Behavior by Richard de Charms and Computational Mechanisms for Action Selection by Toby Tyrrell.