Research and Development

Abductive Reasoning and Interpretation

Abductive Reasoning

Peirce's Theory of Abduction by Arthur W. Burks, The Inference to the Best Explanation by Gilbert H. Harman, On the Mechanization of Abductive Logic by Harry E. Pople, The Computational Complexity of Abduction by Tom Bylander, Dean Allemang, Michael C. Tanner and John R. Josephson and Abductive Inference: Computation, Philosophy, Technology edited by John R. Josephson and Susan G. Josephson.

Incremental Interpretation

Incremental Interpretation by Fernando C. N. Pereira and Martha E. Pollack, Incremental Interpretation edited by David Milward and Patrick Sturt, What is Incremental Interpretation by Nick Chater, Martin Pickering and David Milward, Computational Models of Incremental Semantic Interpretation by Nicholas J. Haddock, The Information-processing Difficulty of Incremental Parsing by John Hale, Incremental Interpretation and Prediction of Utterance Meaning for Interactive Dialogue by David DeVault, Kenji Sagae and David Traum and Incremental Dialogue Understanding and Feedback for Multiparty, Multimodal Conversation by David Traum, David DeVault, Jina Lee, Zhiyang Wang and Stacy Marsella.

Natural Language

Rationale and Methods for Abductive Reasoning in Natural-language Interpretation by Mark E. Stickel, Interpretation as Abduction by Jerry R. Hobbs, Mark E. Stickel, Douglas E. Appelt and Paul Martin, Abductive Reasoning in Peirce's and Davidson's Account of Interpretation by Uwe Wirth, Layered Abduction for Speech Recognition from Articulation by Richard K. Fox, Abduction in Natural Language Understanding by Jerry R. Hobbs, Abductive Speech Act Recognition by Elizabeth A. Hinhelman, Abduction for Discourse Interpretation: A Probabilistic Framework by Ekaterina Ovchinnikova, Andrew Gordon and Jerry R. Hobbs and Abduction, Belief and Context in Dialogue: Studies in Computational Pragmatics edited by Harry Bunt and William Black.

Social Cognition

How People Explain Behavior: A New Theoretical Framework by Bertram F. Malle, Understanding Social Interactions using Incremental Abductive Inference by Ben Meadows and Miranda Emery and An Abductive Approach to Understanding Social Interactions by Ben Meadows, Patrick Langley and Miranda Emery.


Conflicting Readings: Variety and Validity in Interpretation by Paul B. Armstrong, Arguing over Intentions by Paisley Livingston, Interpretation and Justification by David Novitz, Validity in Interpretation by Eric D. Hirsch, Validity in Interpretation and the Literary Institution by Ken M. Newton and Argumentation and the Social Grounds of Knowledge by Charles A. Willard.