Research and Development

The Cognitive Science of Interpretive Expertise

Literary Expertise

The Study of Literary Expertise as a Research Strategy by Barbara Graves, A Cognitive Study of Literary Expertise by Barbara Graves and Carl H. Frederiksen, The Effects of Formal Training on Literary Reception by Marisa Bortolussi and Peter Dixon, Expert-novice Differences in Memory, Abstraction, and Reasoning in the Domain of Literature by Colleen M. Zeitz, Some Concrete Advantages of Abstraction: How Experts' Representations Facilitate Reasoning by Colleen M. Zeitz, Literary Expertise and Analogical Reasoning: Building Global Themes by Barbara Graves, The Impact of Expertise: The Role of Experience in Reading Literary Texts by Eva M. Thury and Alexander Friedlander, Constructing Meaning when Reading Poetry: An Expert-novice Study by Joan Peskin, Literary Expertise in the Description of a Fictional Narrative by Barbara Graves and Carl H. Frederiksen, Literary Processing and Interpretation: Towards Empirical Foundations by Peter Dixon, Marisa Bortolussi, Leslie C. Twilley and Alice Leung, Psychonarratology: Foundations for the Empirical Study of Literary Response by Marisa Bortolussi and Peter Dixon and Reading Beyond the Lines: A Critical Review of Cognitive Approaches to Literary Interpretation and Comprehension by Kathryn S. McCarthy.

Artistic Expertise

Art Expertise: A Study of Concepts and Conceptual Spaces by Dorothee Augustin and Helmut Leder, The Role of Formal Art Training on Perception and Aesthetic Judgment of Art Compositions by Calvin F. Nodine, Paul J. Locher and Elizabeth A. Krupinski, Judgments of the Creativity of Artwork from Students and Professional Artists by Mark A. Runco, Kimberly A. Mccarthy and Erling Svenson, Beauty in the Eye of Expert and Nonexpert Beholders: A Study in the Appraisal of Art by Paul Hekkert and Piet C. W. Van Wieringen and Integrating Art Historical, Psychological, and Neuroscientific Explanations of Artists' Advantages in Drawing and Perception by Aaron Kozbelt and William P. Seeley.