Research and Development

Intelligent Virtual Assistants for Scholarly and Scientific Research

History of Science

The Logic of Scientific Discovery by Karl Popper and The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas S. Kuhn.

Science of Science

Contemporary Schools of Metascience by Gerard Radnitzky and Amedeo Giorgi, Science of Science by Santo Fortunato, Carl T. Bergstrom, Katy Börner, James A. Evans, Dirk Helbing, Staša Milojević, Alexander M. Petersen, Filippo Radicchi, Roberta Sinatra, Brian Uzzi, Alessandro Vespignani, Ludo Waltman, Dashun Wang and Albert-László Barabási, Psychology of Science: Contributions to Metascience edited by Barry Gholson, William R. Shadish, Robert A. Neimeyer and Arthur C. Houts, Modeling the Causal Structure of the History of Science by Osvaldo Pessoa, Four Models for the Dynamics of Science by Michel Callon, Modeling Science: Studying the Structure and Dynamics of Science by Katy Börner, Wolfgang Glänzel, Andrea Scharnhorst and Peter van den Besselaar, Models of Science Dynamics: Encounters between Complexity Theory and Information Sciences edited by Andrea Scharnhorst, Katy Börner and Peter van den Besselaar, How Does Science Advance? Theories of the Evolution of Science by Mario Coccia, The Science of Science: From the Perspective of Complex Systems by An Zeng, Zhesi Shen, Jianlin Zhou, Jinshan Wu, Ying Fan, Yougui Wang and H. Eugene Stanley and Data-driven Predictions in the Science of Science by Aaron Clauset, Daniel B. Larremore and Roberta Sinatra.

Forecasting Science

Forecasting Innovations in Science, Technology, and Education by Katy Börner, William B. Rouse, Paul Trunfio and H. Eugene Stanley, Science Forecasts: Modeling and Communicating Developments in Science, Technology, and Innovation by Katy Börner and Staša Milojević, Forecasting with Big Data: A Review by Hossein Hassani and Emmanuel S. Silva, Predicting Future Scientific Discoveries based on a Networked Analysis of the Past Literature by Meena Nagarajan, Angela D. Wilkins, Benjamin J. Bachman, Ilya B. Novikov, Shenghua Bao, Peter J. Haas, María E. Terrón-Díaz, Sumit Bhatia, Anbu K. Adikesavan, Jacques J. Labrie, Sam Regenbogen, Christie M. Buchovecky, Curtis R. Pickering, Linda Kato, Andreas M. Lisewski, Ana Lelescu, Houyin Zhang, Stephen Boyer, Griff Weber, Ying Chen, Lawrence Donehower, Scott Spangler and Olivier Lichtarge, Anticipating Future Innovation Pathways through Large Data Analysis edited by Tugrul U. Daim, Denise Chiavetta, Alan L. Porter and Ozcan Saritas, Forecasting Emerging Technologies using Data Augmentation and Deep Learning by Yuan Zhou, Fang Dong, Yufei Liu, Zhaofu Li, JunFei Du and Li Zhang, Technological Forecasting – A Review by Ayse K. Firat, Wei Lee Woon and Stuart Madnick and Predicting Scientific Evolution by Understanding its Driving Factors by Jiangen He.

Accelerating Science

Systematic Acceleration of Radical Discovery and Innovation in Science and Technology by Ronald N. Kostoff.

Scientific Discovery and Innovation

Towards an Explanatory and Computational Theory of Scientific Discovery by Chaomei Chen, Yue Chen, Mark Horowitz, Haiyan Hou, Zeyuan Liu and Donald Pellegrino, Concept Discovery in a Scientific Domain by Kevin Dunbar, Exploring Science: The Cognition and Development of Discovery Processes by David Klahr, Evaluating Creative Ideas: Processes, Standards, and Context by Michael D. Mumford, Devin C. Lonergan and Ginamarie Scott and Towards Computational Assessment of Idea Novelty by Kai Wang, Boxiang Dong and Junjie Ma.

Scholarly Communication

Scholarly Communication as a Socioecological System by Pamela Sandstrom, Scholarly Communication: Cultural Contexts, Evolving Models by Diane Harley and Scholarly Communication and Bibliometrics by Christine L. Borgman and Jonathan Furner.


Historical Bibliometrics: Its Purpose and Significance to the History of Disciplines by Jean-Pierre V. M. Hérubel, Innovation Forecasting using Bibliometrics by Robert J. Watts, Alan L. Porter and Nils C. Newman, Predicting Future Citation Behavior by Quentin L. Burrell, Automatic Classification of Citation Function by Simone Teufel, Advaith Siddharthan and Dan Tidhar, Predicting Scientific Success by Daniel E. Acuna, Stefano Allesina and Konrad P. Kording, Predicting Scholars' Scientific Impact by Amin Mazloumian, On the Predictability of Future Impact in Science by Orion Penner, Raj K. Pan, Alexander M. Petersen, Kimmo Kaski and Santo Fortunato, Predicting the Impact of Scientific Concepts using Full‐text Features by Kathy McKeown, Hal Daume, Snigdha Chaturvedi, John Paparrizos, Kapil Thadani, Pablo Barrio, Or Biran, Suvarna Bothe, Michael Collins, Kenneth R. Fleischmann, Luis Gravano, Rahul Jha, Ben King, Kevin McInerney, Taesun Moon and Arvind Neelakantan, Patent Analysis for Strategic Advantage: Using International Patent Records by Mary E. Mogee, Forecasting Emerging Technologies: Use of Bibliometrics and Patent Analysis by Tugrul U. Daim, Guillermo Rueda, Hilary Martin and Pisek Gerdsri and Modelling the Structure and Dynamics of Science using Books by Katy Börner, Michael Ginda and Andrea Scharnhorst.


Literature Review of Data Mining Applications in Academic Libraries by Lorena Siguenza-Guzman, Victor Saquicela, Elina Avila-Ordóñez, Joos Vandewalle and Dirk Cattrysse, Mining Library and University Data to Understand Library Use Patterns by John Renaud, Scott Britton, Dingding Wang and Mitsunori Ogihara, Analysis of User Behavior in a Public Library Using Bibliomining by Petr Hajek and J. Stejskal, Exploring Usage Patterns of a Large-scale Digital Library by Maram Barifah and Monica Landoni, Scholarly Data Mining: A Systematic Review of Its Applications by Amna Dridi, Mohamed M. Gaber, R. Muhammad A. Azad and Jagdev Bhogal and Big Data in Academic Libraries: Literature Review and Future Research Directions by Hafidha Al-Barashdi and Rahma Al-Karousi.

Big Scholarly Data

Big Scholarly Data: A Survey by Feng Xia, Wei Wang, Teshome M. Bekele and Huan Liu, A Survey on Scholarly Data: From Big Data Perspective by Samiya Khan, Xiufeng Liu, Kashish A. Shakil and Mansaf Alam and From Big Scholarly Data to Solution-oriented Knowledge Repository by Yu Zhang, Min Wang, Morteza Saberi and Elizabeth Chang.

Knowledge Domains

Visualizing Knowledge Domains by Katy Börner, Chaomei Chen and Kevin W. Boyack, Mapping Research Specialties by Steven A. Morris and Betsy van der veer Martens, Some Bibliometric Procedures for Analyzing and Evaluating Research Fields by María Gutiérrez-Salcedo, M. Ángeles Martínez, José Antonio Moral-Muñoz, Enrique Herrera-Viedma and Manuel J. Cobo and Bibliometric Delineation of Scientific Fields by Michel Zitt, Alain Lelu, Martine Cadot and Guillaume Cabanac.

Topic Analysis and Prediction

Topic Discovery and Future Trend Forecasting for Texts by Jose L. Hurtado, Ankur Agarwal and Xingquan Zhu, Maximum Value Matters: Finding Hot Topics in Scholarly Fields by Jinghao Zhao, Hao Wu, Fengyu Deng, Wentian Bao, Wencheng Tang, Luoyi Fu and Xinbing Wang, Detecting Hot Topics from Academic Big Data by Beibei Wang, Bo Yang, Shuangshuang Shan and Hechang Chen, Topic Formation and Development: A Core-group Evolving Process by Tieyun Qian, Qing Li, Bing Liu, Hui Xiong, Jaideep Srivastava and Phillip C-Y. Sheu, Understanding the Topic Evolution in a Scientific Domain: An Exploratory Study for the Field of Information Retrieval by Baitong Chen, Satoshi Tsutsui, Ying Ding and Feicheng Ma, Spatiotemporal Analytics of Topic Trajectory by Jiangen He and Chaomei Chen, Finding Temporal Trends of Scientific Concepts by Michael Färber and Adam Jatowt, Selecting Most Influential Topics in the Future by Jinghao Zhao and Hao Wu and Early Detection of Research Trends by Angelo A. Salatino.

Information Retrieval

Modern Information Retrieval by Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Berthier Ribeiro-Neto, Looking for Information: A Survey of Research on Information Seeking, Needs, and Behavior by Jens-Erik Mai, A Study of Academic Search Scenarios and Information Seeking Behaviour by Orland Hoeber, Dolinkumar Patel and Dale Storie, Relevance: A Review of and a Framework for the Thinking on the Notion in Information Science by Tefko Saracevic, Usefulness as the Criterion for Evaluation of Interactive Information Retrieval by Michael Cole, Jingjing Liu, Nicholas Belkin, Ralf Bierig, Jacek Gwizdka, C. Liu, Jin Zhang and X. Zhang, Predicting Search Intent based on Pre-search Context by Weize Kong, Rui Li, Jie Luo, Aston Zhang, Yi Chang and James Allan, Anticipatory Search: Using Context to Initiate Search by Daniel J. Liebling, Paul N. Bennett and Ryen W. White and Bibliometric-enhanced Retrieval Models for Big Scholarly Information Systems by Philipp Mayr and Peter Mutschke.

Search Analytics

What Can Search Predict by Sharad Goel, Jake M. Hofman, Sébastien Lahaie, David M. Pennock and Duncan J. Watts, Predicting the Present with Google Trends by Hyunyoung Choi and Hal Varian and Modeling and Predicting Information Search Behavior by Saraschandra Karanam, Herre van Oostendorp, Mylène Sanchiz, Aline Chevalier, Jessie Chin and Wai T. Fu.

Conversational Search and Recommendation

A Theoretical Framework for Conversational Search by Filip Radlinski and Nick Craswell, Exploring Conversational Search with Humans, Assistants, and Wizards by Alexandra Vtyurina, Denis Savenkov, Eugene Agichtein and Charles L. A. Clarke, Conceptualizing Agent-human Interactions during the Conversational Search Process by Leif Azzopardi, Mateusz Dubiel, Martin Halvey and Jeffery Dalton, Towards a Model for Spoken Conversational Search by Johanne R. Trippas, Damiano Spina, Paul Thomas, Mark Sanderson, Hideo Joho and Lawrence Cavedon, An Interface for Agent Supported Conversational Search by Abhishek Kaushik, Vishal B. Ramachandra and Gareth J. F. Jones, Towards Conversational Recommender Systems by Konstantina Christakopoulou, Filip Radlinski and Katja Hofmann, A Survey on Conversational Recommender Systems by Dietmar Jannach, Ahtsham Manzoor, Wanling Cai and Li Chen, Tutorial on Conversational Recommendation Systems by Zuohui Fu, Yikun Xian, Yongfeng Zhang and Yi Zhang, Advances and Challenges in Conversational Recommender Systems: A Survey by Chongming Gao, Wenqiang Lei, Xiangnan He, Maarten de Rijke and Tat-Seng Chua, Towards Explainable Conversational Recommendation by Zhongxia Chen, Xiting Wang, Xing Xie, Mehul Parsana, Akshay Soni, Xiang Ao and Enhong Chen and Conversational Interfaces for Explainable AI: A Human-centred Approach by Sophie F. Jentzsch, Sviatlana Höhn and Nico Hochgeschwender.

Document-grounded Dialogue

Conversations with Documents: An Exploration of Document-centered Assistance by Maartje ter Hoeve, Robert Sim, Elnaz Nouri, Adam Fourney, Maarten de Rijke and Ryen W. White and A Survey of Document Grounded Dialogue Systems (DGDS) by Longxuan Ma, Wei-Nan Zhang, Mingda Li and Ting Liu.

Question Answering

Open-retrieval Conversational Question Answering by Chen Qu, Liu Yang, Cen Chen, Minghui Qiu, W. Bruce Croft and Mohit Iyyer, Open-domain Question Answering by Danqi Chen and Wen-tau Yih, Multi-hop Question Answering via Reasoning Chains by Jifan Chen, Shih-ting Lin and Greg Durrett, Multi-hop Paragraph Retrieval for Open-domain Question Answering by Yair Feldman and Ran El-Yaniv, Answering Any-hop Open-domain Questions with Iterative Document Reranking by Yuyu Zhang, Ping Nie, Arun Ramamurthy and Le Song and Retrieving and Reading: A Comprehensive Survey on Open-domain Question Answering by Fengbin Zhu, Wenqiang Lei, Chao Wang, Jianming Zheng, Soujanya Poria and Tat-Seng Chua.

User Modeling and Simulation

User Modeling in Intelligent Information Retrieval by Giorgio Brajnik, Giovanni Guida and Carlo Tasso, Automatic Identification of User Interest for Personalized Search by Feng Qiu and Junghoo Cho, Implicit User Modeling for Personalized Search by Xuehua Shen, Bin Tan and ChengXiang Zhai, Modeling User Interests by Conceptual Clustering by Daniela Godoy and Analía Amandi, Capturing User Intent for Information Retrieval by Hien Nguyen, Eugene Santos, Qunhua Zhao and Hua Wang, Modeling Users for Adaptive Information Retrieval by Capturing User Intent by Eugene Santos and Hien Nguyen, Interactive Intent Modeling for Exploratory Search by Tuukka Ruotsalo, Jaakko Peltonen, Manuel J. A. Eugster, Dorota Głowacka, Patrik Floréen, Petri Myllymäki, Giulio Jacucci and Samuel Kaski, Predicting User Interests from Contextual Information by Ryen W. White, Peter Bailey and Liwei Chen, Modeling and Predicting Information Search Behavior by Saraschandra Karanam, Herre van Oostendorp, Mylène Sanchiz, Aline Chevalier, Jessie Chin and Wai T. Fu, Predicting User Intents and Satisfaction with Dialogue-based Conversational Recommendations by Wanling Cai and L. Chen, Modeling Individual Differences in Information Search by Saraschandra Karanam and Herre van Oostendorp, The Role of Domain Knowledge in Cognitive Modeling of Information Search by Saraschandra Karanam, Guillermo Jorge-Botana, Ricardo Olmos and Herre van Oostendorp, The Role of Domain Knowledge in Search as Learning by Heather L. O'Brien, Andrea Kampen, Amelia W. Cole and Kathleen Brennan and Cognition and Multi-agent Interaction: From Cognitive Modeling to Social Simulation by Ron Sun.

Context Modeling

Context in Web Search by Steve Lawrence, Searching with Context by Reiner Kraft, Chi Chao Chang, Farzin Maghoul and Ravi Kumar, Predicting Short-term Interests Using Activity-based Search Context by Ryen W. White, Paul N. Bennett and Susan T. Dumais, Situational Context for Ranking in Personal Search by Hamed Zamani, Michael Bendersky, Xuanhui Wang and Mingyang Zhang and Predicting Search Intent based on In-search Context for Exploratory Search by Vikram Singh.

Dialogue Prediction

Discuss: A Dialogue Move Taxonomy Layered Over Semantic Representations by Lee Becker, Wayne Ward, Sarel van Vuuren and Martha Palmer, Dialogue Move Prediction from the Information State Using TiMBL by Rebecca Jonson, Hierarchical Conversation Structure Prediction in Multi-party Chat by Elijah Mayfield, David Adamson and Carolyn Rose, Guiding Attention in Sequence-to-sequence Models for Dialogue Act Prediction by Pierre Colombo, Emile Chapuis, Matteo Manica, Emmanuel Vignon, Giovanna Varni and Chloe Clavel and Dialogue-act Prediction of Future Responses Based on Conversation History by Koji Tanaka, Junya Takayama and Yuki Arase.

Narrative Comprehension and Prediction

Toward Better Storylines with Sentence-level Language Models by Daphne Ippolito, David Grangier, Douglas Eck and Chris Callison-Burch, Integrating External Event Knowledge for Script Learning by Shangwen Lv, Fuqing Zhu and Songlin Hu, Constructing Narrative Event Evolutionary Graph for Script Event Prediction by Zhongyang Li, Xiao Ding and Ting Liu, Story Ending Prediction by Transferable BERT by Zhongyang Li, Xiao Ding and Ting Liu, Narrative Incoherence Detection by Deng Cai, Yizhe Zhang, Yichen Huang, Wai Lam and Bill Dolan, Unsupervised Hierarchical Story Infilling by Daphne Ippolito, David Grangier, Chris Callison-Burch and Douglas Eck, Finding and Generating a Missing Part for Story Completion by Yusuke Mori, Hiroaki Yamane, Yusuke Mukuta and Tatsuya Harada and Story Comprehension for Predicting What Happens Next by Snigdha Chaturvedi, Haoruo Peng and Dan Roth.

Writing Assistants

SWAN - Scientific Writing AssistaNt: A Tool for Helping Scholars to Write Reader-friendly Manuscripts by Tomi Kinnunen, Henri Leisma, Monika Machunik, Tuomo Kakkonen and Jean-Luc LeBrun, Possible Ways of Applying Citations Network Analysis to a Scientific Writing Assistant by Alexander Porshnev and Maxim Kazakov, Write-righter: An Academic Writing Assistant System by Yuanchao Liu, Xin Wang, Ming Liu and Xiaolong Wang, Toward Revision-sensitive Feedback in Automated Writing Evaluation by Rod D. Roscoe, Matthew E. Jacovina, Laura K. Allen, Adam C. Johnson and Danielle S. McNamara, A Report on the Automatic Evaluation of Scientific Writing Shared Task by Vidas Daudaravicius, Rafael E. Banchs, Elena Volodina and Courtney Napoles, DISA: A Scientific Writing Advisor with Deep Information Structure Analysis by Hen-Hsen Huang and Hsin-Hsi Chen, PaperRobot: Incremental Draft Generation of Scientific Ideas by Qingyun Wang, Lifu Huang, Zhiying Jiang, Kevin Knight, Heng Ji, Mohit Bansal and Yi Luan and ReviewRobot: Explainable Paper Review Generation based on Knowledge Synthesis by Qingyun Wang, Qi Zeng, Lifu Huang, Kevin Knight, Heng Ji and Nazneen F. Rajani.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants for Scholarly and Scientific Research

Machines as Teammates: A Research Agenda on AI in Team Collaboration by Isabella Seeber, Eva Bittner, Robert O. Briggs, Triparna de Vreede, Gert-Jan de Vreede, Aaron Elkins, Ronald Maier, Alexander B. Merz, Sarah Oeste-Reiß, Nils Randrup, Gerhard Schwabe and Matthias Söllner.