Research and Development

Corpus Narratology


Quantitative Methods in Narratology by David Herman and The Scope of Empirical Narratology by Andreas Wirag.


Commonsense Causal Reasoning Using Millions of Personal Stories by Andrew Gordon, Cosmin Bejan and Kenji Sagae.


Learning Norms from Stories: A Prior for Value Aligned Agents by Md Sultan Al Nahian, Spencer Frazier, Mark O. Riedl and Brent Harrison and Moral Stories: Situated Reasoning about Norms, Intents, Actions, and their Consequences by Denis Emelin, Ronan Le Bras, Jena D. Hwang, Maxwell Forbes and Yejin Choi.

Character Modeling

Modeling Naive Psychology of Characters in Simple Commonsense Stories by Hannah Rashkin, Antoine Bosselut, Maarten Sap, Kevin Knight and Yejin Choi and The Stability of the Televisual Character: A Corpus Stylistic Case Study by Monika Bednarek.


Corpus-assisted Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Television and Film Narratives by Monika Bednarek.


Automated Analysis of Narrative Content for Digital Humanities by Saatviga Sudhahar and Nello Cristianini, The Cultural Environment: Measuring Culture with Big Data by Christopher A. Bail and Cultural Analytics by Lev Manovich.