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Category: Argumentation

Machine Learning and Decision-making

Decision-making Predicting Human Decisions with Behavioral Theories and Machine Learning by Ori Plonsky, Reut Apel, Eyal Ert, Moshe Tennenholtz, David D. Bourgin, Joshua C. Peterson, Daniel Reichman, Thomas L. Griffiths, Stuart J. Russell, Evan C. Carter, James F. Cavanagh and Idoa Erev, Combining Psychological Models with Machine Learning to Better Predict People’s Decisions by Avi […]

Neurosymbolic Learning and Reasoning

Introduction Neural-symbolic Learning and Reasoning: A Survey and Interpretation by Tarek R. Besold, Artur S. d'Avila Garcez, Sebastian Bader, Howard Bowman, Pedro Domingos, Pascal Hitzler, Kai-Uwe Kühnberger, Luis C. Lamb, Daniel Lowd, Priscila M. V. Lima, Leo de Penning, Gadi Pinkas, Hoifung Poon and Gerson Zaverucha, Dimensions of Neural-symbolic Integration - A Structured Survey by […]

Evaluating Argumentation and Debate

Assessing Argument Quality Computational Argumentation Quality Assessment in Natural Language by Henning Wachsmuth, Nona Naderi, Yufang Hou, Yonatan Bilu, Vinodkumar Prabhakaran, Tim A. Thijm, Graeme Hirst and Benno Stein, Rhetoric, Logic, and Dialectic: Advancing Theory-based Argument Quality Assessment in Natural Language Processing by Anne Lauscher, Lily Ng, Courtney Napoles and Joel Tetreault, Argumentation Quality Assessment: […]

The Assessment of Language and the Evaluation of Natural Language Generation

Assessing Mathematics Exercises and Proofs Automatic Assessment of Mathematics Exercises: Experiences and Future Prospects by Antti Rasila, Matti Harjula and Kai Zenger, Automatic Assessment of Problem-solving Skills in Mathematics by Cliff E. Beevers and Jane S. Paterson, Computer Aided Assessment of Mathematics by Chris Sangwin and Lurch: A Word Processor That Can Grade Students' Proofs […]

Interactive Narrative and Morality

Morality Atlas of Moral Psychology edited by Kurt Gray and Jesse Graham, The Moral Psychology Handbook by John M. Doris and Moral Psychology: A Contemporary Introduction by Valerie Tiberius. GlossaryMoral Psychology Narrative The Moral Psychology of Fiction by Gregory Currie, The Use of Stories in Moral Development: New Psychological Reasons for an Old Education Method […]

Interpretive Discussions and Argumentation

Art Types of Interpretation in the Aesthetic Disciplines by Staffan Carlshamre and Anders Pettersson, Interpreting Art and Literature by Alan H. Goldman, Art Interpretation by Robert Stecker, About Art Interpretation for Art Education by Terry Barrett, Learning in Art Museums: Strategies of Interpretation by Eilean Hooper-Greenhill, Interactive Art Interpretation: How Viewers Make Sense of Paintings […]

Language and Mathematics

Language and Mathematics Education Language and Mathematical Education by John L. Austin and Albert G. Howson, Language in Mathematics Teaching and Learning by Mary J. Schleppegrell, A Morphology of Teacher Discourse in the Mathematics Classroom by Libby Knott, Bharath Sriraman and Irv Jacob, The Teacher's Discourse Moves: A Framework for Analyzing Discourse in Mathematics Classrooms […]

Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Philosophy

Philosophy Teaching Philosophy: Theoretical Reflections and Practical Suggestions edited by Tziporah Kasachkoff, Teaching Philosophy edited by Andrea Kenkmann and Teaching Philosophy: A Guide by Steven M. Cahn. GlossaryOutline of PhilosophyPhilosophyPhilosophy Education History of Philosophy A History of Philosophy by Frederick Copleston, Lectures on the History of Philosophy by Georg W. F. Hegel, A Short History […]

Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Ethics

Ethics The Nature of Morality: An Introduction to Ethics by Gilbert Harman and Lectures on the History of Moral Philosophy by John Rawls and Barbara Herman. GlossaryEthicsMoral Reasoning Development The Moral Development of the Child by Jean Piaget, Stages of Moral Development by Lawrence Kohlberg, Development of Moral Character and Moral Ideology by Lawrence Kohlberg, […]

Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Argumentation

Argumentation Argumentation and Education: Theoretical Foundations and Practices edited by Nathalie M. Mirza and Anne-Nelly Perret-Clermont, Understanding and Promoting Argumentative Practices in Educational Contexts by Sylvia Rojas-Drummond, Explicit Argumentation Instruction to Facilitate Conceptual Understanding and Argumentation Skills by Pinar Seda Cetin, An Exploration of the Diversity of Natural Argumentation in Instructional Texts by Farida Aouladomar […]