Research and Development

Mental Representations of Audiences


The Psychology of Written Composition edited by Carl Bereiter and Marlene Scardamalia, A Synthesis of Social Cognition and Writing Research by Curtis J. Bonk and Social Cognition and Written Communication by Donald L. Rubin.

Audience Awareness

Cognitive Egocentrism and the Problem of Audience Awareness in Written Discourse by Barry M. Kroll, Understanding a Writer's Awareness of Audience by Carol Berkenkotter, The Development of Audience Awareness in Writing by Robert J. Bracewell, Developing Audience Awareness in Writing by José B. Carvalho, Writing for Readers: Three Perspectives on Audience by Barry M. Kroll, Social Cognition and Written Communication by Donald L. Rubin, Analyzing Audiences by Douglas B. Park and Writers' Mental Representations of the Intended Audience and of the Rhetorical Purpose for Writing and the Strategies that they Employed when they Composed by Albert T. Y. Wong.


Improving Written Communication through Perspective-taking by Matthew J. Traxler and Morton A. Gernsbacher and Perspective-taking and Theory of Mind: A Relational Frame Account by Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Louise McHugh and Dermot Barnes-Holmes.


Cognitive Representations of Persons by David L. Hamilton.


Mental Representation of Social Categories by Myron Rothbart, Bernadette Park, Vincent Yzerbyt, Charles M. Judd and Oliver Corneille and Social Categorization and the Perception of Social Groups by Galen V. Bodenhausen, Sonia K. Kang and Destiny Peery.

Strategic Communication

Social Plans: A Preliminary Report by Anand S. Rao, Michael P. Georgeff and Elizabeth A. Sonenberg, A Plan-based Approach to Strategic Communication by Charles R. Berger, Planning Strategic Interaction: Attaining Goals through Communicative Action by Charles R. Berger and Planning with Theory of Mind by Mark K. Ho, Rebecca Saxe and Fiery Cushman.