Research and Development

Interactive Narrative and Characterization


Characterization in Narrative by James Garvey and Characterization in Narrative: Some Theoretical Prolegomena by Uri Margolin.


Writing Dialogue by Tom Chiarella, Writing Dialogue for Scripts: Effective Dialogue for Film, TV, Radio and Stage by Rib Davis, The Book of Dialogue: How to Write Effective Conversation in Fiction, Screenplays, Drama, and Poetry by Lewis Turco, The Language of Dialogue in Fiction by Nelleke Oostdijk, More on the Language of Dialogue in Fiction by Pieter de Haan, Cognitive Processes in Composing and Comprehending Discourse by Robert J. Bracewell, Carl H. Frederiksen and Janet D. Frederiksen, The Interpretation of Dialogue edited by Tulio Maranhao, Interpretative Acts: Cognition and the Construction of Discourse by Linda Flower, Telecinematic Discourse: Approaches to the Language of Films and Television Series edited by Roberta Piazza, Monika Bednarek and Fabio Rossi, Dramatic Discourse: Dialogue as Interaction in Plays by Vimala Herman, Television Dramatic Dialogue: A Sociolinguistic Study by Kay Richardson, Dialect in Film and Literature by Jane Hodson, Stylistics and Film by Michael Toolan, A Phraseological Approach to Film Dialogue: Film Stylistics Revisited by Maria Freddi, Language and Characterisation: People in Plays and Other Texts by Jonathan Culpeper, Narrative Discourse and Theory of Mind Development by Nicole R. Guajardo and Anne C. Watson and Developmental Relationships between Language and Theory of Mind by Carol A. Miller.

Mental States

A Cognitive Stylistic Approach to Characterisation by Jonathan Culpeper, Style Brings in Mental States by Lisa Zunshine and Language and Children's Understanding of Mental States by Paul L. Harris, Marc de Rosnay and Francisco Pons.

Social Cognition and Theory of Mind

Advanced Social Cognition in the Literary Arts by Joan Peskin, Raymond A. Mar and Theanna Bischoff, The Neural Bases of Social Cognition and Story Comprehension by Raymond A. Mar, The Role of the Theory‐of‐mind Cortical Network in the Comprehension of Narratives by Robert A. Mason and Marcel A. Just, From Actors to Agents to Persons: The Development of Character Representation in Young Children's Narratives by Ageliki Nicolopoulou and Elizabeth S. Richner, Rethinking Character Representation and Its Development in Children's Narratives by Ageliki Nicolopoulou, The Narrative Construction of Differing Conceptions of the Person in the Development of Young Children's Social Understanding by Elizabeth S. Richner and Ageliki Nicolopoulou, Young Children's Storybooks as a Source of Mental State Information by Jennifer R. Dyer, Marilyn Shatz and Henry M. Wellman, The Doer and the Deed: Action as a Basis for Characterization in Narrative by Uri Margolin, Activity Types and Characterisation in Dramatic Discourse by Jonathan Culpeper and Dan McIntyre and Understanding and Predicting Social Events: The Effects of Narrative Construction on Inference Generation by Kristi A. Costabile and Stanley B. Klein.

Interactive Narrative

Character-based Interactive Storytelling by Mark O. Cavazza, Fred Charles and Steven J. Mead, Directable Synthetic Characters by Mazin Assanie, From Synthetic Characters to Virtual Actors by Sandy Louchart and Ruth Aylett, Virtual Actors That Can Perform Scripts and Improvise Roles by Peter Wavish and David Connah, A Dramatised Actant Model for Interactive Improvisational Plays by Martin Klesen, Janek Szatkowski and Niels Lehmann, Automated Improvisational AI Actor in E-drama by Li Zhang, Marco Gillies, John A. Barnden, Robert J. Hendley, Mark G. Lee and Alan M. Wallington, Character Development and Storytelling for Games by Lee Sheldon and Evolving Characters in Role Playing Games by Joao Leite and Luıs Soares.

Digital Characters

Gameplay Design Patterns for Believable Non-player Characters by Petri Lankoski and Staffan Björk, Enhanced NPC Behaviour Using Goal Oriented Action Planning by Edmund Long, Efficient Intent-based Narrative Generation Using Multiple Planning Agents by Jonathan Teutenberg and Julie Porteous, Towards Believable Behavior Generation for Embodied Conversational Agents by Lasse Johannesson, Behavior-based Language Generation for Believable Agents by A. Bryan Loyall and Joseph Bates, Dialogue Generation in Character-based Interactive Storytelling by Marc Cavazza and Fred Charles and Towards Human-like Spoken Dialogue Systems by Jens Edlund, Joakim Gustafson, Mattias Heldner and Anna Hjalmarsson.