Research and Development

Interactive Digital Entertainment and Group Dynamics

Group Dynamics and Cohesion

Group Dynamics by Donelson R. Forsyth, Group Processes: Dynamics within and between Groups by Rupert Brown, Towards a Cohesive Theory of Cohesion by Janet McLeod and Kathryn von Treuer, Group Cohesion and Performance a Meta-analysis by Charles R. Evans and Kenneth L. Dion, Cohesion and Performance in Groups: A Meta-analytic Clarification of Construct Relations by Daniel J. Beal, Robin R. Cohen, Michael J. Burke and Christy L. McLendon, Relational Communication in Groups by Joann Keyton, The Structure of Group Cohesion by Albert A. Cota, Charles R. Evans, Kenneth L. Dion, Lindy Kilik and R. Stewart Longman, Group Cohesion and Performance: A Multi-dimensional Approach to the Group Cohesion – Group Performance Relationship by Artemis Chang and Prashant Bordia, Understanding the Multidimensionality of Group Development by Artemis Chang, Julie Duck and Prashant Bordia and Cohesion: An Odyssey in Empirical Understanding by Stuart Drescher, Gary Burlingame and Addie Fuhriman.

Team Cohesion and Sport

Team Cohesion in Sport by Pascal van Alten, The Dynamics of Group Cohesion in Sport by Albert V. Carron and P. Chelladuari, Cohesion and Performance in Sport: A Meta-analysis by Albert V. Carron, Michelle M. Colman, Jennifer Wheeler and Diane Stevens, The Relationship among Athlete Leadership Behaviors and Cohesion in Team Sports by Diana Vincer and Todd M. Loughead and The Impact of Adventure-based Training on Team Cohesion and Psychological Skills Development in Elite Sports Training Teams by Ian T. Boyle.

Military Group Cohesion

Military Group Cohesion by Guy L. Siebold and A Quantitative Integration of the Military Cohesion Literature by Laurel W. Oliver, Joan Harman, Elizabeth Hoover, Stephanie M. Hayes and Nancy A. Pandhi.

Games and Team Training

The Long History of Gaming in Military Training by Roger Smith, Games for Team Training by Gianluca De Leo, Scott Sechrist, Elena Radici and Thomas W. Mastaglio, Teamwork and Teamplay: Games and Activities for Building and Training Teams by Sivasailam Thiagarajan and Glenn M. Parker, Cognitive Science Implications for Enhancing Training Effectiveness in a Serious Gaming Context by Frank L. Greitzer, Olga Anna Kuchar and Kristy Huston, Applying Simulation Experience Design Methods to Intercultural Agents and Multicultural Interactions in Serious Games by Elaine M. Raybourn and Eliciting and Evaluating Teamwork within a Multi-player Game-based Training Environment by Talib S. Hussain, Shawn A. Weil, Tad Brunyé, Jason Sidman, William Ferguson and Amy L. Alexander.

The Measurement of Group, Social and Task Cohesion

Cohesion: Conceptual and Measurement Issues by Albert V. Carron and Lawrence R. Brawley, The Development of an Instrument to Assess Cohesion in Sport Teams: The Group Environment Questionnaire by Albert V. Carron, W. Neil Widmeyer and Lawrence R. Brawley, Cohesion in Virtual Teams: Validating the Perceived Cohesion Scale in a Distributed Setting by W. David Salisbury, Traci A. Carte and Laku Chidambaram and The Evolution of the Measurement of Cohesion by Guy L. Siebold.

The Measurement of User Experiences

Characterising and Measuring User Experiences in Digital Games by Wijnand IJsselsteijn, Yvonne de Kort, Karolien Poels, Audrius Jurgelionis and Francesco Bellotti, The Role of Presence in the Experience of Electronic Games by Ron Tamborini and Paul Skalski, Place Presence, Social Presence, Co-presence, and Satisfaction in Virtual Worlds by Saniye T. Bulu, Defining and Differentiating Copresence, Social Presence and Presence as Transportation by Kristine Nowak, Perceived Sociability and Social Presence in a Collaborative Serious Game by Kimmo Oksanen and Raija Hämäläinen, Fundamental Components of the Gameplay Experience: Analysing Immersion by Laura Ermi and Frans Mäyrä, Measuring and Defining the Experience of Immersion in Games by Charlene Jennett, Anna L. Cox, Paul Cairns, Samira Dhoparee, Andrew Epps, Tim Tijs and Alison Walton, Measuring Player Immersion in the Computer Game Narrative by Hua Qin, Pei-Luen P. Rau and Gavriel Salvendy, An Examination of Flow and Immersion in Games by Katelyn Procci and Clint Bowers, Toward an Understanding of Flow in Video Games by Ben Cowley, Darryl Charles, Michaela Black and Ray Hickey, Measuring Flow Experience of Computer Game Players by Jingli Zhang, Xiaowen Fang, Susy S. Chan and Jose Zagal, Shared Fun Is Doubled Fun: Player Enjoyment as a Function of Social Setting by Brian J. Gajadhar and Yvonne A. W. de Kort, When Playing Together Feels Different: Effects of Task Types and Social Contexts on Physiological Arousal in Multiplayer Online Gaming Contexts by Sohye Lim and Jong-Eun R. Lee and Enabling Social Play: A Framework for Design and Evaluation by Katherine Isbister.

Interactive Digital Entertainment and Social Cohesion

Multiplayer: The Social Aspects of Digital Gaming edited by Thorsten Quandt and Sonja Kröger, Interactive Storytelling in Multiplayer Role-playing Games by Jana Sieber, The Impact of Cooperative Video Games on Team Cohesion by Greg Anderson, Games for Virtual Team Building by Jason B. Ellis, Kurt Luther, Katherine Bessiere and Wendy A. Kellogg, Multiplayer 3D Game in Supporting Team-building Activities in a Work Organization by Päivi Häkkinen, Johanna Bluemink, Merja Juntunen and Ilona Laakkonen, Building Bridges: Connecting Virtual Teams Using Narrative and Technology by Stephen M. Fiore and Rudy McDaniel, The Individual and the Group in Console Gaming by Amy Voida, Sheelagh Carpendale and Saul Greenberg, An Analysis of Socioemotional and Task Communication in Online Multiplayer Video Games by Jorge Peña and Jeffrey T. Hancock, Player-character Dynamics in Multi-player Role Playing Games by Anders Tychsen, Doris McIlwain, Thea Brolund and Michael Hitchens, Group-level Analysis on Multiplayer Game Collaboration: How Do the Individuals Shape the Group Interaction? by Johanna Bluemink, Raija Hämäläinen, Tony Manninen and Sanna Järvelä, Elements of Collaborative Discussion and Shared Problem Solving in a Voice-enhanced Multiplayer Game by Johanna Bluemink and Sanna Järvelä, Social Interactions in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Gamers by Helena Cole and Mark D. Griffiths, Transcultural Communication in Open Internet Environments and Massively Multiplayer Online Games by Steven L. Thorne and A Study on the Relationship between MMORPG and On / Off-line Socialization of International Students by Ting Yang and Sangho Seo.