Research and Development

Imagination, Mental Imagery and Meaning


Semantic Memory as the Root of Imagination by Anna Abraham and Andreja Bubic and Handbook of Imagination and Mental Simulation edited by Keith D. Markman, William M. P. Klein and Julie A. Suhr.

Visuospatial Working Memory

The Nature of Visuospatial Representation within Working Memory by Colin Hamilton, Visuo-spatial Working Memory by Robert H. Logie and The Visuospatial Sketchpad for Mental Images: Testing the Multicomponent Model of Working Memory by Raymond Bruyer and Jean-Christophe Scailquin.

Semantic Working Memory

Notes on the Structure of Semantic Memory by Walter Kintsch, Semantic Memory and the Brain: Structure and Processes by Alex Martin and Linda L. Chao, On the Existence of Semantic Working Memory: Evidence for Direct Semantic Maintenance by Geeta Shivde and Michael C. Anderson, The Neurobiology of Semantic Memory by Jeffrey R. Binder and Rutvik H. Desai, Models of Semantic Memory by Michael N. Jones, Jon Willits, Simon Dennis and Michael Jones and The Neural and Computational Bases of Semantic Cognition by Matthew A. L. Ralph, Elizabeth Jefferies, Karalyn Patterson and Timothy T. Rogers.

Episodic Working Memory

Episodic and Semantic Memory by Endel Tulving, Cognitive Control and Episodic Memory by Anthony D. Wagner, The Episodic Buffer: A New Component of Working Memory? by Alan D. Baddeley and Binding in Visual Working Memory: The Role of the Episodic Buffer by Alan D. Baddeley, Richard J. Allen and Graham J. Hitch.