Research and Development

Computational Neuroethology


The Study of Instinct by Nikolaas Tinbergen, Learning and Instinct in Animals by William H. Thorpe and Instinct and Innate Behavior: Toward an Ethological Psychology by Gordon M. Burghardt.


The Foundations of Ethology by Konrad Lorenz, Ethology: The Mechanisms and Evolution of Behavior by James L. Gould, Animal Motivation and Cognition by Frederick Toates, Animal Cognition by Kristin Andrews and Ljiljana Radenovic, Animal Behavior by Stephen J. Crowley and Colin Allen, Motivation of Human and Animal Behavior: An Ethological View by Konrad Lorenz and Paul Leyhausen, Ethological Concepts and Human Development by Wagner H. Bridger, On Aims and Methods of Cognitive Ethology by Dale Jamieson and Marc Bekoff and Cognitive Ethology: A New Approach for Studying Human Cognition by Alan Kingstone, Daniel Smilek and John D. Eastwood.

Computational Ethology

Toward a Science of Computational Ethology by David J. Anderson and Pietro Perona, Artificial Ethology by Owen Holland and David McFarland, Lessons from Cognitive Ethology: Animal Models for Ethological Computing by Irene M. Pepperberg and Old Tricks, New Dogs: Ethology and Interactive Creatures by Bruce M. Blumberg.


What is Neuroethology? by Jörg-Peter Ewert, The Scope of Neuroethology by Graham Hoyle and Neuroethology and the Philosophy of Cognitive Science by Brian L. Keeley.

Computational Neuroethology

Intelligence as Adaptive Behavior: An Experiment in Computational Neuroethology by Randall D. Beer and Computational Neuroethology: A Provisional Manifesto by David Cliff.