Research and Development

The Advancement of Intelligent Tutoring Systems


Intelligent tutoring systems facilitate computer-aided coursework, computer-mediated exercises and activities, providing mixed-initiative tutorial dialogue, explanation, hints and encouragement.

Intelligent tutoring systems can be advanced in a number of ways.

Intelligent Tutoring at Scale

Intelligent tutoring at scale involves the tutoring of large populations of students. Interesting areas of research and development include: learning from interactions with students to improve the quality of tutoring, educational experimentation, A/B testing and multivariate testing.


Intelligent tutoring systems can be more interoperable with learning objects, digital textbooks and courseware. Intelligent tutoring systems could, for example, utilize exercises and activities from learning objects, digital textbooks and courseware.

Integrating Multiple Domains

The integration of multiple domains facilitates the mixing and scheduling of exercises and activities from multiple courses.

Tutoring Across Schoolyears

Tutoring across schoolyears involves longer-term student modeling and longer-term planning and scheduling of exercises and activities.

Cognitive Development

Intelligent tutoring systems can generate and sequence exercises and activities for purposes of activating, strengthening, coordinating and integrating specific regions and processes of the developing human brain.

Collaborative and Group Learning

Intelligent tutoring systems can tutor groups of students simultaneously.